We've got beauty, We've got brains

We’ve got biomechanics. And our philosophy is the same for every pair of shoes we design, from a simple beach flip-flop to the most wearable pair of wedges!

Because sure, shoes have to look good. But they also have to support you. Be biomechanically optimised. Align the ground reaction force through your joints. Take it easy on your knees. Be like gloves wrapping around your feet - and super supportive underneath.

Size matters. How to measure your feet.

Finding your FitFlop size is easy when you follow these six steps and compare your finding to our handy chart.

Please Note: when measuring your feet, your width may not be on the same scale as our measured width. This is ok, we all have very different feet. It just gives you an idea as to whether you would be more suited to our wide or slightly narrow styles.

As a comfort brand the majority of our shoes will have similar width. This might feel slightly roomier then what you have experienced in other brands. This is because we pay attention to the position of your feet and toes, and don't want to restrict natural movement.

Forgive us for asking, but what is your size?

FInd your measuments for our Womens footwear here on your right. Then shop our Womens collection to find the style that best fits you.

Let us help you find your perfect fit.

FInd your measuments for our Mens footwear here on your right. Then shop our Mens collection to find the style that best fits you.

Which technology is right for you?

All of the comfort technology within our shoes is outrageously comfy and offers superior cushioning. Find out which technology suits the width of your feet.